About Us

Our CEO and co-founder, Shaun Elliot was a troubled teen throughout his youth. Good grades and excelled in school to make his parents happy but due to peer pressure and wanting to fit in started hanging out with the wrong crowd and eventually joined a local neighborhood gang. Like most gangs in America, an initiation was required in which Shaun had to receive multiple tattoos. As he grew up, reality started to hit him and he realized that life was no longer for him. The Elliot family moved to Spring Valley, Nevada and after Wes graduated from Nevada State, he decided he needed to get rid of his gang tattoos. After months of research, he couldn't find any non-chemical based creams and he ruled out laser removal due to the burn risks associated with it. A year later he partnered with John Carman, an entrepreneur who specialized in cosmetics to help him create an all natural tattoo removal cream. Three years later after clinical testing, Blanc Cream was launched.